How to Host a Give Back Birthday Party

How to Host a Give-Back Birthday Party

Figuring out what to do with birthday gifts after the party can be as stressful as the party itself.

Today I have tips to help control incoming gift clutter AND help worth organizations in your community. My suggestions: host a Give Back Birthday Party.


In a nutshell, pick an organization in your community to donate to. Then, instead of guests bringing gifts for the kids (or the adults), they bring an item to donate. We found the organizations in our community by talking with friends or just Googling the calling to see what they need.

Give Back Birthday Party Colletion

Here is a shot of my guys with their collections from our first give back birthday celebration for their 4th and 2nd birthday party. We collected school supplies for my friend who is a teacher in a low income, inner-city school. We were able to send her 9 boxes of supplies and clothing to share with her students. Those supplies lasted her nearly 2 years!

The following year, we collected children's books for the Kinship Cares program in our community. This program helps children who would normally enter the foster care system stay with family member. Because they may not be equipped for younger children, KC provides the families with toys, books and help registering children for school.

And the Give Back isn't just for kids!!! Here is shot of my car filled to the brim with generous donations from my 40th birthday party. We collected blankets, sheets, feminine and personal care products for a local women's shelter.

Give Back Birthday Party Collection for Women's Shelter

Do you have an idea for a Give Back Birthday Party? Or have you hosted one you'd like to share? Be sure to comment below to share with others...and I'm always looking for my next give back birthday idea!

And for even more clutter-free gift ideas, check out my book 101 Clutter-Free Books: And Why You Want Them.

How to Host a Give Back Birthday Party
How to Host a Give Back Birthday Party

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