Goal Setting with Mary Cornetta

Goal Setting Tips & Red Wine Mules

Ready for some more goal setting tips??

It's mid-January...and how are you doing with those 2019 goals?

January 12th is known as "Quitter's Day" because it is supposedly the day most people have quit on their New Year's Resolutions. Business Insider claims "80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February." But don't worry, boo, we got you!

One of the great things about this Goal Setting Podcast series is that each week there has been some sort of tidbit or technique that I have not thought about. So if what you are doing or trying is not working, try a different strategy.

Which brings me to today's guest...Mary Cornetta of Sort and Sweet in Long Island, NY. Mary has been a professional organizer since 2017 and recently took on a major business expansion AND launched an awesome YouTube Channel with Tidy Tuesday Tips to tackle organizing your home little by little.


Goal Setting Tips with Mary Cornetta
  • Mary says she knows that it is time to make a change or set a goal when the pain of her current situation starts to outweigh the fear of trying something new or putting effort into making a change.
  • Her first step towards achieving her goal is to start with the big picture and then reverse engineer or work backwards from that goal, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming. And being successful at those smaller tasks can inspire you to do more tomorrow and keep working toward your overall goal.
  • When Mary starts to feel unmotivated she revisits her “why” to remind herself of the reason she wanted to make this change in the first place. She also suggests putting your goal or mantra as the background of your phone so that you can see it and remind yourself of it every time you open your phone.
  • Mary finds that surrounding herself with other people with similar goals can help her stay accountable because they are there in the same trenches she is and understand her struggles. And finding this group is especially important if you feel like you aren’t getting the support you need with close friends or family when you want to make this change.
  • When it comes to the number of goals Mary tries to tackle at once, she once again visits her big picture and then prioritizes what is most important or will bring the most value to her life first but keeps the other ideas simmering on the back burner. Remember to look for the things that are going to give you the best ROI or return on investment.

For more info on Mary and her services, you can find her:


Courtesy of Delish.com

Serves 2

  • 8 oz. red wine
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • ice
  • can ginger beer
  • lime rounds, for serving
Red Wine Mules

Divide wine, vodka, and lime juice between two glasses. Top with ice and ginger beer. Garnish with lime round and serve.

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