Helping Kids Organize & Bellinis

Helping Kids Organize & Bellinis

Parenting is sometimes like having a puppy…

Hold on…let me explain. I often find myself giving the same instructions over and over and over again when I talk to my kiddos about how to organize their things. There are times when I throw my hands up and say “I  just showed you to do this” or “I just told you not to do this.” Just like telling the puppy to get down off the couch a million times a day.

The awesome difference between instructing a kid versus a dog is we can have a conversation with your kid. And this  brings me to the heart of today’s podcast: having a conversation with your kids about how and why to organize their things versus just instructing them.

So often, myself included, we just tell kids how to do things. Or we show them how to do it the way we would like it done. And then maybe we show them again and again, like 100 times. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to feel like you are saying the same things over and over. But a recent question brought up in our Cocktails and Containers Facebook group made me think “maybe it isn’t that we are saying things wrong…maybe we just need more input from the kids.”

Hmmm….Could it be possible that we need to make those entry level tasks a little more basic so our kids feel like it is something they can complete with confidence? Do we need to include them in the process of developing the system or ask them what tools they might need in order to do it? Do we need to give them the space but let them decide what is clutter and what to organize?

I Wonder???

I believe the answer is a resounding “yes”! So I created a worksheet to go along with this podcast so you can work on re-phrasing your questions to your kids and involve them in the process. The earlier you include them in the development of systems to organize your home, the more likely they will be to maintain them and continue to develop them once they are no longer in your home.

If you would like copy of “Questions to Help You Help Your Kid with Organizing” to print for yourself, you can click HERE. My goal is to help you start a conversation with your family about why it is important to learn these skills and how you can work together to make the process easy to maintain. Once you have downloaded the worksheet and started the process of creating your system, I would love to hear from you how it worked or any addtional comments you have.

And lest you think I forgot that cocktail recipe…


Serves 2

  • Fresh or Frozen Peaches, sliced
  • 1 C. Peach Juice
  • Prosecco (available in sparkling wine section)

Place 2 handfuls of peaches and Peach juice in blender. Blend until a smooth puree.  Mix half puree, half Prosecco in each glass. Optional: Garnish with peach slice.

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