Grab Your "Daily Somethings" Worksheet

Let's get through this homeschooling, socially isolating, lack of scheduled time together. Grab my Daily Somethings work sheet to help you simply plan your days at home.

I keep it real basic...choose to move something, clean something, learn something, make something, and read something each day. And there's a space for a little extra something if you need it. 😉

Planning & Organizing Your Garden

Spring planting season is right around the corner...have you planned your plants yet? If you're a novice gardener or just looking to get more bang for your gardening buck, we've got you covered this week.

We are chatting with gardening expert and kitchen garden planner Annie Chubbuck of Seed Babies. Every summer, Annie helps clients plan and maintain their kitchen gardens. She's giving us planning tips like what to plant where, what to plant next to what, and how much time should you plan to maintain your garden. And she's brought along a delicious Blackberry Herb Cocktail she featured at one of her gardening workshops.

Love & Organizing: Getting Loved Ones On Board

Minimalism and simplicity coach Rose Lounsbury is back to chat love and organizing in honor of Valentine's Day.

This week, Rose and I will discuss how to introduce the idea of decluttering to your family and why it's important to teach your family organizing and decluttering skills. This episode partners perfectly with last week's chat where we discussed how to introduce organizing systems when you and your loved ones don't see eye to eye on decluttering strategies. And we introduce an unlikely and delicious combination...the Red Wine Milkshake from Delish.

Clutter-Free Gifts on Minimalist Moms

Hear my chat with Diane Boden of the Minimalist Moms Podcast about Clutter-Free gift giving during the holidays and all year round.

We chat being intentional about what comes in, how to talk to people about clutter-free gifts, and how to re-direct people's generous gift efforts to stay on your minimalism journey.

You can listen at the link below or search for "Minimalist Moms Podcast" on Apple podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play.

101 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

Do you cringe at the thought of a another gift-giving holiday or birthday party? Check out my recent book 101 Clutter-Free Gifts: And Why You Want Them for tips on why you want them, how to talk about it with friends and family, and what to ask for.

Cocktails & Containers Podcast

Join me for my weekly podcast featuring 2 of this mama's favorite things...home organizing tips and cocktails! I talk to organizing and simplifying expert and give struggling moms strategies for combatting clutter. And each week you will get a tasty cocktail recipe. Click HERE to find links to your favorite podcast platform.

And if you have an organizing issue you would like to discuss on a future episode, click HERE to fill out my show survey.

Organize Your Office with Me

Check out my recent appearance on the popular UK podcast "The Simplifiers" where I chat with Mary about organizing your office.

I give my best tips for organizing paper, creating filing systems, and the all-important step...maintaining your effort.

The Simplifiers is a great podcast for tips to make life as a busy working mom just a little bit simpler.

My Content Creation Calendar

I recently join Natalie Hailey on the UK based "One Hot Thing" podcast to discuss how I organize and simplify my content creation.

As a one-woman-show, I have to have a system in place so I don't lose my mind when it comes to all the different platforms. Natalie and I discuss how I figure out what to post, where to post it, and when to post it with my simple content calendar. And we throw a few other organizing tips in there too!

Tips for Surviving Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. I hear you, it's real, I have it. Like daily.

Hear me chat with the amazing Amy Landino, author of Vlog Like a Boss and host of AmyTV about tips for surviving mom guilt as an entrepreneur, my favorite organizing tips and organizing books.

You can also hear my Spring organizing tips on her interviews with Pat Flynn, Sarah Evans, Michelle Tillis Lederman, Ryan Harwood, and her BFF chat.

If your parenting life is like mine, you are about a millisecond away from being a hot mess at any given moment.

But I have found some ways to keep my head above water when it comes to organizing myself & my family.

My goal is to give you easy to implement organizing ideas to help you save time, make space and live a more organized life.