Photo Organizing Tips & Holiday Wine Pairings

Organizing Your Photos & Holiday Wine Pairings

When was the last time you purged your photo collection?

Whether it’s digital photos or photo prints, photos are high on many of our “I’ll get around to it” lists. I am totally guilty of this. Which is why I am chatting with photo organizing experts Tamara Wowrosch and Kim Rankin of Pixelwinx.

Kim & Tamara met while volunteering & organizing several large fundraisers in their community. They soon discovered a mutual love of many things: art, the same shoes, knitting, Broadway, biking to name a few. Pixelwinx was the next step in their creative partnership – helping others with something all people love – photos. They both feel privileged to be invited into the precious intimate world of your family’s photo treasures and can often be heard ‘oohing & ahhing’ while perusing new projects.

Photo Organizing Tips

Here is a brief overview of the photo organizing tips Kim and Tamara share their in the interview:

-Creating a backup for those precious memories.
-Quick photo sorting tips using their ABCs method.
-Photo gifts in all price ranges (including FREE) for the upcoming holidays.

If you are interested in the WiFi Digital Photo frame they mention in the photo gifts section, you can find it HERE.

For more information on the other photo gifts they mention, you can visit the Pixelwinx website or visit them on Facebook.

Holiday Wine Pairing Suggestions

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I created an extensive wine pairing suggestion list for you to wow your guests. Whether you like your wines red, white or pink, there are options that will please all types of palates and budgets. Here are my suggestions that pair with most items on typical holiday menus:

1. Pinot Noir-Thanksgiving FareHoliday Wine Pairing
2. Cabernet Sauvignon-Brisket or Beef Tenderloin
3. Viognier-Ham or Thanksgiving
4. Sparkling Wine-Literally everything
5. Rosé (not White Zinfandel)-Thanksgiving or Ham

For more details on why these wines pair well with food and which kind of wine drinkers they may be most well suited, check out the wine pairing portion of the video or podcast.

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