Picture Labels for Toy Storage

How to Make Picture Labels for Toy Storage

Make picking up toys a breeze with picture labels for toy storage!


Picture labels are a great way to teach non-readers and readers alike a basic rule of organizing...if you put an item away in its home, you will find it again when you want it.

Today I want to take you through the steps of making a basic picture label for your toy storage.  Please feel free to make yours as fancy or as detailed as you like. I like to keep my easy and basic since my kids' interests change about the same as the weather here in Ohio...about every 10 minutes.


The self-adhesive labels that I use and mention in the video come from a company names Smead. You can find them here:

3 x 5 size (the ones I use in the video): https://amzn.to/2OfPlil
4 x 6 size: https://amzn.to/2O9z3r4
Business Card Size: https://amzn.to/2AFpNJi

(Full Disclosure: the above links are Amazon affiliate links).


Here are the instructions for creating the labels (or watch my YouTube video below):

  • I personally use Microsoft Word to format my labels. I like to keep it simple.  My kids' tastes change often so it is easy for me to drop a new picture in and change the contents of the boxes quickly.  If you are great with graphics programs, go for it.  You will just need to format your template size to fix the label pocket you have chosen. Create a new document and save it something you can find if you need to reprint or alter the labels.
  • I format my label for a custom size (under "layout", "paper size" and "custom"). Then I make sure it is formatted to print landscape. 
  • After I have the label formatted, I go over to Amazon to look for a picture of the items.  I click on the picture to get an enlarged view then right-click to copy the picture.
  • Back over in Word, I paste the picture.  You can do this by clicking the paste button, right-clicking and choosing from the paste options, or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v. 
  • Then I right-click the picture to select how the picture "wraps" around the text.  I won't be using any text on these labels and if I were I would probably use a text box I choose "In Front of Text" so I can move the photo around and place it where I want.  I also resize the picture by clicking on "size" and enlarging or reducing until the picture is the size I think looks best on the page.
  • Finally, I double-check in the print preview that I like the placement of the picture. If everything looks good on the preview, I load in the index cards and print.

I hope you find these picture labels as helpful in your home as I have in mine and my clients.  If you have a toy organizing strategy or tip you'd like to share, please comment below.

Take care and happy organizing.

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How to Make Picture Labels for Toy Storage
How to Make Picture Labels for Toy Storage

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