Take Back Your Time & Caipirinhas

Take Back Your Time & Caipirinhas

Ever feel like you need to take back control over your time?

I see so many moms who were once super together, super organized, super time-managed…and then kids come. And everything falls apart. If you feel like you wish there were more than 24 hours in the day or 7 days in the week you’re in luck.

Today’s guest is professional organizer and author Morgan Tyree and she wants to help you take back your time with her proven time-management system. And trust me, she’s an expert. On top of her professional organizing business Morganize with Me and writing books, Morgan is a mom-of-3 who has homeschooled, lived abroad, AND teaches fitness classes. Am I right?

Her new book Take Back Your Time debuted August 20, 2019, and we are chatting all her best tips for keeping your mom game ahead. And she shares the inspiration for this week’s cocktail (hint, it comes from her time living in Portugal).

Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree


Here are some of the highlights from Morgan’s time management method that we discuss on this episode:

Embrace your current season. As with all things parenting, this won’t last forever. Be where you are. Because the one certainty with parenting is everything is going to change.

Be clear on your top priorities for the season you are currently in. If you can’t fit all the things in, trust us, there will come a time once the seasons change that you can…just make it a priority.

If you feel like you are saying the same things over and over to your family, try Morgan’s suggestion of creating a “Daily 5”. These are 5 tasks that are expected for each family member. Tasks may include making your bed or doing a chore. Once you have established the expectation and awareness, then you just have to ask “Did you do your ‘Daily 5’?”


When it comes to Morgan’s 3 color method for determining how you use your time…

  • Green means go. This includes tasks that require focus and attention.
  • Yellow means pivoting or flex time. This is where you can do complimentary activities like catching up on TV while folding laundry.
  • Red means your stop time. This is the time when you take care of you and fill your cup.


I love Morgan’s hot take that multi-tasking is not a myth, you just might be choosing the wrong things to multi-task. Know yourself and choose tasks to do alongside each other that don’t require a lot of focus or attention. In other words, don’t write an important email and listen to your kid talk about their day. But perhaps you can listen to them talk about their day while you are washing dishes or folding laundry. Remember Morgan’s example of the juggler….a juggler CAN focus on three things at once, but it’s because they have chosen the right things to focus on and they know how to balance the 3.


Popular Brazilian cocktail with a refreshing mix of lime, sugar, and cachaça.

  • 1 Lime (cut into small pieces)
  • 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 3 oz Cachaça
  • Ice
  1. Place the lime pieces in a glass. Add the brown sugar and muddle until completely dissolved into a syrup.

  2. Add cachaça and stir.

  3. Top with ice.

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